Since its foundation in 2011, the Association “Rimettere le Ali” has worked in suburban areas of the city of Rome in order to respond to the needs of young people and families in need and at high risk of social exclusion. In particular, the association works in close collaboration with the Salesian Institution of Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco and aims at welcoming and supporting:

  • Children taken into care by social care institutions;
  • italian and foreign children at high risk of social exclusion;
  • italian and foreign children subjected to penal measures alternative to prison;
  • families in need;
  • unaccompanied foreign minors;
  • children requesting political asylum.

Personalised educational projects are built around the different beneficiaries, sustaining their growth, promoting their inclusion in the social and economic network of society and hence accompany them to becoming active and aware citizens. Support is offered to them through the provision of housing, education, job training and entry into employment. Currently, we address social, educational, psychological and professional needs of 200 children per year, by means of various specific programmes.

Among these, the promotion of foster and supportive families plays a crucial role, being of paramount importance for the most vulnerable and neglected children. Our main goal is to respond to the new social challenges regarding children in need, helping them to feel welcomed and loved by a family, to overcome their difficulties and to fulfil their potential through the engagement of the local community within which they live.

Our commitment to this field has been appreciated by the government, local authorities as well as national and international private foundations, which recognize the association ‘Rimettere le Ali Onlus’ to be one of the few independent foster care organisations in the city of Rome which stands out for both its high professionalism and person-centred approach in social care. On the 4th of July 2018, an agreement with the local authority of Rome was signed to regulate the involvement of foster and supportive families in social projects.